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History & Politics

➤ "Words From the Dead" — How to Lift Society from the Ashes of Postmodernism - Why is civilized society devolving into a barbarian free-for-all in which nothing is sacred, freedom is blasphemy, roosters are laying eggs... and most of society merely shrugs its shoulders in resignation? It's time to take a deep dive into the myths, stories, and grand narratives that bind society together in order to understand why society is unravelling and how we can put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

➤ Democracy in America: The Devil's Bargain, the Bear in the Cage, and the Doorway to Freedom - Liberating the human spirit is a gradual process, part physical, part philosophical, and part cultural. Until the Founding Fathers wrote their radical Constitution, no-one else had a better idea on how to free themselves from the devil's bargain of the shepherd's embrace.

➤ The Emperor Has No Clothes: Finding the Courage to Break the Spell - How do we stop this neo-feudal re-imagining of society? How do we play chicken with a regime that appears to hold all the cards? We need to shake our frightened fellow citizens out of their stupor by getting them to see that "the emperor has no clothes" but, more importantly, we need get all the silent good people who already see it to be willing to say it out loud. The key to winning this psychological war lies in understanding the psychology of dissent.

➤ Who's in Charge? The Rule Makers, Power Brokers, and Influencers of Lockdown Wonderland - Who has the authority to make this lockdown nightmare stop? The answers will surprise you. Nothing in this Lockdown Wonderland is quite as it seems. (also available on Youtube)

➤ Preparing the Ground for Mass Hysteria: What Made Society So Vulnerable to Losing Its Mind During COVID? - Over the past few decades a gradual philosophical shift replaced our value system built around inalienable individual rights with a value system focused on maximising the “greater good” for the majority, known as utilitarianism, which leaves the crowd uniquely vulnerable to falling prey to fear and false propaganda.

➤ 1776 vs 1789: The Two Bloody Revolutions That Defined How We Think About Wealth in the Modern World - The American of 1776 cried out for the Pursuit of Happiness - it was a cry to be released from the control of others, to do away with the confiscating hand of the referee. France's cry in 1789 for Fraternity and Equality, on the other hand, was an invitation for everyone to look over their neighbor's fence and count his acorns. It was a demand for government to continuously intervene in the market through regulation, taxation, and redistribution in order to smooth out differences between individuals or groups. Those two competing world views have defined politics in the Western world ever since.

➤ Bystander at the Switch: The Moral Case Against COVID Lockdowns - Do you remember the moral dilemma taught in grade school called the "Bystander at the Switch"? COVID lockdowns pose the identical dilemma, only this time it's not a game and it's played with real lives. When humanity invented universal human rights, they were meant to stop us from pulling the switch. (also available on Youtube)

➤ Mask Laws and the End of "My Body, My Choice" - mandatory face masks laws are fundamentally transforming the social contract between citizens and governments by making individual autonomy negotiable, subject to the needs of our nations, the fears of our neighbors, and the impulses of our leaders.

➤ On Taming Sheep and Nations - farmers and politicians have an identical time-tested strategy to control the herd (a limerick).


  1. Thanks Julius, Have just found your work!

  2. It’s too bad your page is flooded with Alberta Health ads to get vaccinated. I suspect you had no idea… ? The nature of the Google beast.

  3. Thank you very much for your excellent article. I just read it in german translation (published by Bastian Barocker). The best is the story of the wild horses. With 67 years I am an old horse, and I will never accept to loose my freedom! We have all to fight together!

  4. Yes - when one finds oneself succumbing to the crowd's coercion and/or swept along by the momentum of the masses, one must somehow break away - escape to higher ground - tune into your instincts, recalibrate your C.O.G.. & see the sitch with an objective eye, far from the madding crowd..

  5. Will future historians be able to tease out and explain in detail the demise of the Establishment in post-WW II Western Europe? They were never in control after that war. They appear, in my hindsight, to have lost the plot in the 1960s. They have built themselves a house of cards based on a concatenation of exponentially growing lies.
    Recently, one John Anderson- who goes around asking establishment figures for their opinion, who, I get the impression, never formed one opinion from his own thoughts (if he had any)- interviewed Lord Sumption, that brilliant English lawyer and historian. Lord Sumption, establishmentarian to the core, early on in the Covid-19 play went to warn the public about the dangerous times ahead, as if to ingratiate himself with the plebs so as to be able to assuage and canalise their growing discontent. Now he’s full-on about anthropogenic global warming. He should be against the prodigious waste by government policies in the West, the UK and EC member countries especially.
    Control has been with the US establishment, the military-industrial complex, International high finance, the new fin tech derivatives industry and new tech digitalisation, academics (as pied pipers) and, of course, the Marxist political operatives who were given free rein to infest our institutions and allow their envy, resentment and hatred to do its work. Lord Sumption spoke of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object, in relation to the demands to be made by global governance, the only solution possible, of the rest of human society. In fact, the unstoppable force is the inexorable drive of universal manifestation ever in flux and working its way through human society. The so-called immovable object is the crumbling Establishment, increasingly desperate to retain control by devising and contriving a narrative to accompany their global agenda. They are in fact fighting their own self-made shadow which is looming ever-larger over them. The London-Paris-Brussels axis is augmented by Berlin, but is subservient to Washington, Wallstreet, Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, etc.etc. At least, in North America there is genuine dissent. In Europe most of the opposition is controlled, dissent is elicited, fomented even, to be cultivated and gently headed off back up the garden path and into the maze. We are not allowed to see the scheming, conniving, contriving,…
    In China, a lot of young people are said to live for the moment and “let the system rot”. In the West there is a similar feeling amongst the young, taken over from the majority which was always only interested in looking after their own selfish interests, to live for the here and now, enjoy life, and don’t take an interest in politics and where we are headed. They might as well. The old guard in the West is its own worst enemy. They built a house of cards, glued together by contradictions, and based on a burgeoning mish-mash of lies,so as to retain their privileges and power.

  6. States of Emergency by Kees van der Pijl is an excellent read.


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