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➤ Struggle for Human Liberty Despite the Fear: An interview by Dr. Peter Breggin MD - On August 18th, I was invited onto the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour. Dr. Breggin and I had a free-wheeling conversation about the philosophical roots and historical forces that gave rise to our Western democracies and the cultural war we must wage in order to stop this authoritarian re-imagining of society. - August 18th, 2021 

➤ To the Silent Good People: An interview by Marta Gameiro of Outras EvidĂȘncias - On August 16th, I was interviewed by Marta Gameiro of We discussed practical hands-on solutions to wake people out of their mass hysteria, but equally important, how to motivate the silent good people who see what’s going on to break their silence - August 16th, 2021 

The Psychology of Fear: Interview with Julius Ruechel, by Russ Cooper of the Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights & Freedoms - Major Russ Cooper (Retired) of Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF) sat down with me to discuss the psychology of fear and the history of constitutional rights in Canada. - July 30th, 2021 

Link to the Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms website
(scroll down to find the video at the bottom of the post).

Roadmap to Freedom: An interview with Julius Ruechel, by Kate Wand - A discussion about liberty, philosophy, and politics in the context of my latest essay, The Emperor Has No Clothes, and delve into why the silent good people must break their silence in order to safeguard our liberal democracy against tyrants who prey upon our rights and freedoms. - July 25th, 2021 

Julius Ruechel INTERVIEWED by Major Russ Cooper (retired) with Canadian Citizens For Charter Rights and Freedoms to discuss the government's mishandling of the COVID pandemic and the breakdown of our scientific institutions. - June 24th, 2021 

Link to the Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms website
(scroll down to find the video at the bottom of the post).

➤ INTERVIEW: Episode 57 of the Trish Wood Podcast: Investigative Writer Julius Ruechel - What if just about everything you believe about COVID-19 is wrong? Investigative Writer Julius Ruechel makes a strong case that most deadly outbreaks were institutional and the fault of governments, and that lockdowns were for nothing and worked as a misdirection.- June 19th, 2021

Link to the Trish Wood Podcast

➤ Julius Ruechel INTERVIEWED by Vaccine Choice Canada: Exposing the Pandemic Lies & the Roots of CV-19 Hysteria - I was recently interviewed by Vaccine Choice Canada to discuss my articles exposing the deception of the Covid-19 pandemic and the broader changes happening in society that created fertile ground for the current hysteria to take root. - June 3rd, 2021

Link to the interview on Bitchute.

➤ 10 Practical Tips To Regain Our Freedom w/ retired Police Inspector Len Faul - Len Faul from Police On Guard For Thee draws on his experence and knowledge of the police system to tell us how we can free ourselves from these horrific public health measures that our politicians and health authorities are using to strip us of our constitutional rights and freedoms. - March 5th, 2021

➤ STOP THE LOCKDOWN: Interview w/ Retired Police Inspector Len Faul (Police On Guard For Thee) - Len Faul is a retired former Inspector with the Toronto Police. He agreed to sit down with me for an interview to talk about how he and a group of active and former police officers are working to end these unconstitutional public health measures and how we can work together to stop what our politicians and health authorities are doing to us. - March 2nd, 2021

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  1. Interesting...police officers becoming political. Of course the fire department have been doing smoke and mirrors political lobbying brilliantly for what, a century? Would THAT ever be a paradigm shift if professional Canadian police became the de facto guardians of Human Rights and Freedom.


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