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➤ Who Do You Trust If You Can't Trust the Science? — Mythbusting Whether Flu Was Rebranded as Covid - "Trusting the science" is not (and never has been) about trusting results or trusting experts. Trusting the scientists is what got us into this mess. For science to function properly, we must NOT trust the scientists. Instead, we must trust in the messy self-correcting process that allows truth to boil to the surface even if every participant in that process is flawed.

➤ When Scientific Minds Abandon Scientific Principles: The Mystery Behind Why My Grandfather Refused to Talk About Dinosaurs - My grandfather refused to talk about dinosaurs. My search to discover why taught me about the most important principles at the heart of scientific discovery.

➤ Unravelling the Mystery of Human Intelligence - the brain's evolutionary balancing act between storage, connectivity, data processing, and the free exchange of ideas.

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