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September 16, 2021

A Glimmer of Hope: Crisis Brewing In the Ranks As More Police Officers Stand Up To Say "NO". Tyranny Collapses If Enough People Refuse to Participate

I recently shared the story of Constable Gilvesy's personal pushback against vaccine mandates in the Toronto Police Services. Momentum is building. Courage begets courage. Something big is brewing.

A number of active members of the Niagara Police Department have formed a group called the Niagara Regional Police United for Human Rights. They, along with some members of the Ontario Provincial Police, fire fighters, and medics are standing up against vaccine mandates in Canada on behalf of all Canadians. 

They have released the following public statement: "Niagara: We stand behind you. We stand beside you. And if you need us to, we will stand in front of you [emphasis mine]. Discrimination has no place in Niagara, Ontario, or Canada. We took an oath to uphold the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and respect everyone in this Country which thrives in diversity and inclusivity. We hear you, and we are here for ALL of you.

They need our support.

Upcoming citizens' rally in support of the Niagara Regional Police United for Human Rights

A group of private citizens have organized a rally tomorrow, Friday, September 17th, at the police headquarters in Niagara to support the Niagara Regional Police United for Human Rights (the letter quoted in the brochure as well as a letter written to their police association are both reproduced at the base of this post so you can learn about them in their own words). I hope it is the first of many displays of community support for these officers. I hope everyone who can make the drive will attend. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. 

These police officers need to see that they have the support of their community. And their colleagues all around the country need to see that if they follow in the footsteps of the Niagara Regional Police United for Human Rights, they will garner similar support from their communities. 

They need to see that, just as they will have our backs, we will have theirs. Community support is what is required for enough members to join this group so that they feel confident in shedding their anonymity. The moment they shed their anonymity, they will be putting their jobs on the line, as Constable Gilvesy has done, in order to dare the regime to try to fire them all for standing up for citizens' rights. They would be the second large group to step forward. There was another large group of first responders that held a silent protest in Toronto on September 13th.

link to tweet

Do not underestimate the importance of what is going on. As more police officers around the country cross their arms and say "NO", the regime will lose the hands and boots that are required to enforce its tyranny. By standing up for our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, these brave individuals are depriving tyranny of its oxygen. Police chiefs, politicians, and public health officials cannot lock you in your homes and deny you access to your life without the active participation of all those below them in the institutional hierarchy. This is a major crack in the institutional support for this tyrannical regime. 

The regime can fire one or two officers to try to make an example of them, but they cannot fire all of them. There is safety in numbers. If police departments across this country all followed in the footsteps of the Niagara Regional Police United for Human Rights, this tyranny would collapse today. Whether they step forward as a group, as these officers are doing, or one by one, as Constable Gilvesy has bravely done, the effect is the same. By depriving tyranny of its enforcers, leaders lose their ability to impose their tyrannical system and the system begins to collapse from within.

We are witnessing the same phenomenon in the healthcare industry as doctors and nurses refuse to comply with vaccine mandates (for example, look at what is happening in BC, with similar stories from AB, ON, and QC). Many hospitals are on the brink of collapse not because of overflowing beds, but because of staff quitting or being fired. In New York, a hospital even had to stop baby deliveries because of all the resignations triggered by their vaccine mandates. We are also seeing the same phenomenon in private businesses, which are struggling to find employees even as they are imposing vaccine mandates that will undermine their staff numbers still further. Take heart from Luke's open letter to his employer posted on LinkedIn (or view the letter on Luke's Google Drive here for those without a LinkedIn account). The more people that follow his example, the faster the pedestal of support for this regime will give way. The tyranny is more vulnerable than you think. You are not easily replaced.

You can find the full open letter on Luke's LinkedIn page - and here is a direct link to his open letter for those without a LinkedIn account: Open Letter To Shaw (pdf on google drive)

Crossing our arms and saying "NO" is the most powerful leverage we have in this psychological war. By simply refusing to take a hand in tyranny, by refusing to participate in the oppression of others, and by refusing to give in to coercion when it is turned against us, the tyranny begins to collapse. No institution, no company, and no organization can survive intact without the active participation of the overwhelming majority of its staff. They can prevent you from coming to work. But they can't force you to oppress another human being. The system collapses if it runs out of people willing to enforce their bidding.

If you've never read Étienne de La Boétie's The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude, written in 1577, now would be a good time to do so (it's available for free here). It is one of the most important essays ever written. Peaceful civil rights movements around the world, including Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr, have drawn from its powerful message. It was written for times like what we are going through today. I don't know if either Constable Gilvesy or the Niagara Regional Police United for Human Rights have read it, but they certainly understand its principles.

Our leaders can claim they are playing hardball, but they're not. Their game of hardball depends on your active participation in the system. If enough people say no, their game of hardball turns into a bluff. 

Do you think the citizenry would forgive those in charge if hospitals, enforcement of criminal laws, firefighting, health care, and the economy suddenly collapsed? No leader can risk angering their own support base - an angry mob is unpredictable, unforgiving, vengeful, and very very dangerous to those it blames. If enough people simply and peacefully cross their arms to say "NO", our leaders have no choice but to back down. It's not us they fear. They fear turning their own supporters into a vengeful mob that blames them for a system-wide collapse. 

Our leaders are trying very hard to create an illusion of widespread support in order to trick us into compliance. They cannot afford a widespread breakdown of police and health services that exposes their bluff. Do you really think Alberta's new lockdowns are about COVID cases and not about health care staffing? If it was about cases, they would be scrambling to put up field hospitals, but they're not.

All their threats are signs of their desperation, of their weakness, not of their strength. Our leaders are on the verge of losing control. Just say No. If enough of us say No, they'll be forced to dance to our tune to avoid triggering a collapse. If enough of us say No, to prevent a collapse they'll be forced to return to a free and open society that respects individual rights and freedoms, as guaranteed by our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

So, this Friday, if you are anywhere near the city of Niagara, please make the drive to support the Niagara Regional Police United for Human Rights. Standing together, peacefully, as a community, in support of those standing up for our rights helps build the momentum and the courage to bring this tyranny to an end. 

Whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated, and no matter what you believe about the virus, we need to show our leaders that we, the citizens of Canada, reject the two-tier society they are creating. Show them that we believe safety (from a virus along with all the other risks in our lives) comes from having the individual autonomy to make choices to manage all our risks, not by forcibly imposing our choices on others against their will.

Show our leaders that we reject their adoption of brute force politics and medical coercion, which treat people like cattle.

Show them that we will stand together, on principle, to uphold the values upon which our country was built: freedom, individual autonomy, and personal choice.

Stand together as a community to remind our leaders that we are a country that believes respect for individual rights is the foundation of our liberal democracy. Stand in support of those in law enforcement who share that belief.

The colleagues of the Niagara Regional Police United for Human Rights, along with their colleagues in police departments all across this country will all be watching this Friday and during all other gatherings to come. They need their communities to show them that we will have their backs if they follow in their brave colleagues' footsteps. 


As promised, here are the two letters I mentioned earlier:

Inclusivity Equates to Pro-Choice - Waiting Between Worlds [this anonymous letter circulated among officers and civilian employees of the Niagara Regional Police]

Letter to the Niagara Regional Police Association [this anonymous letter was sent to their police association]

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  1. My blog on this very subject comes out tomorrow morning. I've just added a link to this article for more info! I'll share it on Twitter as well. United we stand! Michelle

    1. Thanks Michelle - I really appreciate the exposure! 🙏 United we stand, indeed!

  2. I will share this. Well done. My best wishes to all who participate.

  3. I don't want to derail this important post
    just sharing this:
    Sheriff Mack UNLEASHES Truth on Stew Peters Show!

  4. Police standing up against Lockdown orders and further orders from our overreaching government is very exciting, but most viewers and listeners of mass media will not hear about this happening. The big media career journalists can't look at their own actions, their crimes of omission, because if they did, the shame would overwhelm them.

    1. Even if the media doesn't cover it, what they are doing is a big deal so the bush telegraph will spread this to every police department in Canada and put a great deal of pressure on officers as it reminds them of the hard choices that are required to honor their oath. It's going to get harder and harder for them to ignore the role they are playing in this tyranny as they watch other officers in Canada stand up and say "No".

      And I agree with you about the journalists! They too will need to be held accountable for their part in this when the hysteria ends.

  5. I really appreciate your views, they are well thought out and cogent. Has your thinking gone along the lines of Cui Bono? and following the money in this insidious nightmare. The Vanguard Group is worth noticing.

  6. The more people resist, the better! I am wondering how much of this job-loss threat is only there to make more people afraid and line up for the jab and then it turns out they didn't need to. I am seeing many examples where the media blow up a story about how certain hospitals will be firing employees who do not get vaxxed by October, but then a week or two later, the same news source claimed that they are able to work as long as they do rapid antigen tests on a daily basis. Except each time this situation plays out, there is less and less of those who refused the jab...

    1. I also think a lot of this is pure bluff to bully people into submission. The trouble for the regime is that, as the Israeli example shows, the vax wears off pretty quick, so within a few months all the vaxed will be requiring booster shots to keep their green pass and will have to play the odds again with adverse side effects. The government has put itself on a treadmill and it's just a matter of time before people dig their heels in and refused to play along. I know quite a few people who got bullied into the first two doses but are now adamantly refusing to go anywhere near a booster.

  7. I totally agree the journalists are playing a huge role in the scare mongering especially in NZ. It is terrible and also exciting if it all falls down. I think it will implode eventually, more people are waking up and joining voices for freedom in NZ. It was wonderful to hear your point of view in NZ. I hope you will chat with us again. KiwiKaren

    1. I would be honored to chat with you again - much appreciated!

  8. I have people at work who are unfortunately all for regular booster shots: "We get a flu shot every year, how is this different?"

    1. One guy at my job got very sick from the 2018 flu shot. Turns out that was a very bad year.
      So even the flu shot is really garbage, and what does it prevent? A flu.
      Convid shots can't even do that 😂

  9. We need you. We support you. We need MORE of you.
    Thank you so much, for your strength, compassion and sense of duty.
    We are lost without you.

  10. This from Australia (NSW) Australian Police Commissioner Refuses To Enforce Vaccine Passport Mandate:
    Govt will need to either: backtrack; Sack and make political police appointments (an even more politicised police force - where have we seen that before); or create an agency for the purpose. What happens from here is a crucial tell of Govt intentions and resolve when it comes to vaccine mandates.

  11. Funny how a lot of these essays talk about how the people overthrew the soviets. No, anyone that didn't have their head up their asses would see that was engineered by the banks, Gorbachev and Yeltsin sold out their own people to the west and created the oligarchs



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