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March 2, 2021

STOP THE LOCKDOWN: Retired Police Inspector Len Faul (Police On Guard For Thee) | Interview

Len Faul is a retired former Inspector with the Toronto Police. He agreed to sit down with me for a YouTube interview to talk about how he and a group of active and former police officers are working to stop these unconstitutional public health measures and how we, the public can get involved to support their efforts and get our voices heard.

Their organization, called Police On Guard For Thee, is mounting a court challenge on our behalf and on behalf of the police officers who are being asked to impose these laws on the communities they’re sworn to protect. 

But their mission goes beyond that. They recognize that politicians have created an impossible pressure cooker that is driving a wedge between police and the public, so their mission is to educate both the public and frontline police officers of their rights and responsibilities and give them strategies to push back effectively against what our politicians and health authorities are doing to us all. 

And he also shared some startling insights about what is going on behind the scenes in police departments, why it’s not as simple as individual police officers simply refusing to enforce this, and what role we - the public - have to play, both to get courts to start taking our constitutional rights and freedoms seriously and to prevent this from ever happening again.

A big thank you to Len Faul and his colleagues at Police On Guard For Thee for meeting with me and letting me ask all these questions, and most of all for the enormous effort they are making on our behalf. I know it’s a volunteer effort, so it means the world to me that they are doing this on all our behalf.

Here is an excerpt from Len's message to police officers and the public: 

"My message to the police officers is that their discretion is their greatest power. Your oath is your highest calling. We're all members of the public and we're all in this together. 

And at the same time, I would ask the public to stand, up stand up for your rights. Do not be complacent. Just because information comes from your government doesn't mean it's either correct or true. Do your own research. Check alternate media site sources. Listen to other experts, especially those that are being vilified because there’s a reason that governments are vilifying them. Open your eyes to what is being done to you, to our children, to our grandchildren, and to our most vulnerable, our elderly, many of whom put their lives on the line to gain for us these rights and freedoms that we enjoy today. This must not be given away lightly."     ~      Len Faul, Police On Guard For Thee

00:00 - Intro


        02:56 - public health during COVID - look at the evidence

        04:04 - “it’s not a policing issue” - mandatory laws vs asking nicely

        05:16 - the police oath

        07:48 - the court case

        08:58 - risk of reprisals

        09:56 - other examples of police standing for the public against tyrannical government overreach.

        10:38 - educating the public and frontline police officers

12:41 - POLICE IN A PRESSURE COOKER: The horrific risks and terrible toll of unconstitutional public health measures

        12:41 - the toll on citizens and on police officers

        14:57 - legal risks to police officers

        16:05 - Crimes Against Humanity - government must be held accountable

        16:58 - police officers in danger

        18:39 - destroying community support for the police


        21:13 - Section 1 of the Charter - the government hasn’t met the burden of proof

        22:00 - how policing works in Canada

        22:07- Police Service Boards

        23:30 - good vs bad policing examples during Covid - Churches, Business Closures & Protests


        26:58 - civil courts, police associations and police service boards

        29:52 - what if an individual police officer refuses to enforce these orders?

        31.20 - “They must obey a lawful order, they must not obey an unlawful order”

        32:52 - what if an entire department refuses?

        36:59 - courts have surrendered to health authorities

        36:59 - examples of good vs bad court decisions during COVID

42:54 - KNOW YOUR RIGHTS - petitions, masks, overzealous officers

        42:54 - how to make the courts take Police On Guard seriously

        44:26 - helping the public help themselves

        44:41 - disarming overzealous officers

        45:06 - mask laws

46:22 - GUIDE TO GETTING YOUR VOICES HEARD - educating both sides, advice for citizens, businesses, churches, protests and more...

        46:52 - how to put pressure on our elected representatives

        48:16 - the failure of the media and the importance of alternative media

        49:18 - writing letters to your local police department

        51:10 - guide to protesting during COVID

        53:09 - organizing protests

        54:20 - government hypocrisy and overreach

        58:22 - civil injunctions, business closures, etc.

        1:00:01 - what to do if you get a ticket

        1:01:11 - overwhelming the courts - it will never get to a trial

        1:01:38 - Malicious Prosecution - message to the public and police officers

        1:03:21 - we cannot stop because we must not let this happen again

1:05:36 - HOLDING GOVERNMENT TO ACCOUNT - the public's responsibility to take action

        1:06:24 - Forcing the government's hand - lessons from Italy and color revolutions

        1:09:12 - Inquiries and trials

1:09:46 - CHECKS AND BALANCES to prevent this ever happening again

        1:12:06 - government propaganda, opposition parties, debate, and freedom of speech




  1. There is no link to the audio/video of the interview

    1. I've added a direct link to the interview on YouTube in case you are still unable to see the embedded video at the top of the article.

  2. This can be start of something good if the politicians begin to listen to common sense.If they continue on the path towards a police state then be assured that there are those that will fight back and it won't be peaceful.

  3. Thank you for this ray of hope from the police who are being honest and really trying to help. One question: When you say "they" won't permit conversation, "they" won't listen to the politicians trying to counteract the draconian measures, "they" aren't listening to the public, who is "they?" Are the Health Officers answerable to Trudeau? Is he calling the shots for the entire country? Is Theresa Tam telling Trudeau what to do and think? Where is this all coming from? Thank you!

    1. Excellent question, I wonder if there will be an answer?

    2. Although I can’t speak for Len, when I refer to "they" it’s a general reference to the politicians, health authorities, and media who are driving the narrative and/or hold decision-making authority over our lives.

      As to the 2nd part of your question, finding the source where all this is coming from is a tangled nightmare. Although the economy (i.e. bailouts) are a federal responsibility, health is technically a provincial jurisdiction. The federal emergency act gave the provinces the right to create emergency rules. Trudeau has the right to intervene if provincial health measures violate our Charter (which he has declined to do so far), but he has no authority to impose health policies onto provinces.

      Dr. Tam advises Trudeau, but he doesn't have to follow her advice, although going against her recommendations would be politically risky. But since he's her paymaster and can fire her at will, her advice is likely tailored to what she thinks he wants to hear. That creates a kind of chicken or egg dilemma to identify where bad ideas originate. They may actually be feeding off each other's bad ideas.

      Trudeau's government gives recommendations (based on Dr. Tam's advice), but since health is not a federal jurisdiction, the provinces don’t need to follow any of it. The buck stops with the premiers for what happens in each province. That provincial autonomy is why the COVID response varies so much from province to province. Each premier likewise has a health official to advise them, but they’re not bound by their recommendations either. Policy is, after all, supposed to be a political decision, with the option but not the obligation to balance advice from multiple departments (i.e. health, economy, human rights, etc), which are often in conflict with one another.

      However, as Doug Ford recently openly admitted, in the current climate no premier would dare go against his chief medical officer because it would be political suicide. Which means no-one's really in charge because the premiers are avoiding accountability by hiding behind their health officials while the health officials avoid accountability by advising whatever they think their political bosses will want to hear.


    3. continued from above…

      Once they normalized sweeping aside our Charter rights and freedoms for "safety", they trapped themselves in a self-reinforcing cycle of alarmist recommendations to avoid the accusation of having "put lives at risk". Individual cities are repeating this madness and implementing their own rules independently from the provinces. Premiers have overruled some cities (as is their right) that tried to be more lax than the provincial rules, but so far no premier has dared roll back municipal rules that are more draconian than the provincial rules out of fear of, yet again, being accused of putting lives at risk.

      And the media is smack dab in the middle, driving the hysteria to create click-bait and keep eyeballs glued to screens, which motivates them to constantly push health officials and politicians to new heights of hysteria and pounce on any that dare to try to dial down the rhetoric.

      In short, it's the perfect self feeding storm. A nightmare where everyone but also no-one is in charge, where everyone is protected from criticism if they dial up the hysteria, but is at risk of accusations of putting lives at risk if they try to dial down the hysteria, where everyone is capable of avoiding accountability by hiding behind someone else, where everyone is in fear of being called reckless or being labeled a conspiracy theorist if they stray from the politically correct narrative, where no-one's willing to speak against what their peers say out of fear of getting mobbed, and, sadly, where there are no shortage of opportunists willing to take advantage of the hysteria to push their own agendas into the mix. Furthermore, the more mistakes that are made, the more strongly they try to squash debate and silence questions from critics to avoid being exposed, held liable, and fired or sued. What a tangled mess!

    4. Thank you very much for your clarification of the absurdity of the situation! Perhaps with Germany and France seemingly backing down from lock downs we may see the light of day shine through some of the BS.

    5. You're most welcome! I also have my fingers crossed that Germany's and France's examples set a precedent!

    6. I think your comments would make a fitting post for FB etc. Would you mind if I used them to create a post? If so would you want credit for it?
      Just wondering, I am not as good a writer as you are.

    7. @Shorty I just published a new article about the tangled web of rule makers, power brokers, and influencers that are propping up this never-ending Hellscape, which expands on my earlier comments about who's in charge.

      "Who's in Charge? The Rule Makers, Power Prokers, and Influencers of Lockdown Wonderland"


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