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March 5, 2021

10 Practical Tips To Regain Our Freedom w/ retired Police Inspector Len Faul

Len Faul from Police On Guard For Thee draws on his experence and knowledge of the police system to tell us how we can free ourselves from the horrific public health measures that our politicians and health authorities are using to strip us of our constitutional rights and freedoms. 

This is a brief follow-up interview to our recent conversation on YouTube to go over his Top 10 recommendations to make it easy to find his tips and take action.

  • Go to your local Police Service Board meetings, request an audience, and send them your questions in advance.
  • Start writing letters - lots of them - to your elected representatives: MPs, MPPs, and city council.
  • Don’t just write one letter. Write many. Make sure those letters keep piling up on their desks. Even if they don’t acknowledge you, once that stack of letters gets high enough, they’ll be forced to start thinking about what that means for their chances of re-election. And make sure you write physical letters. Emails can be deleted and forgotten, but letters pile up on a desk as a worrying reminder about their prospects for re-election.
  • Write your Police Department and the President of the Police Association - Police On Guard will provide a standardized letter that people can download and print from the Police On Guard For Thee website.
  • Sign the petition on Police On Guard’s website - this will be a useful additional tool during their court challenge.
  • Inform yourself of your constitutional rights - make sure you follow Police On Guard on social media and go to their website where they are educating the public and police officers about their constitutional rights to help them navigate quarantines, face mask laws, restrictions on attending church and protests, and more. And send them your questions for Question Tuesday!
  • Protest peacefully, and often. Numbers matter. Respect social distancing rules and turn it into an Essential Exercise March; don’t let them intimidate you into silence.
  • Mount a car protest
  • If approached by a police officer about a public health order, ask them “Why are you asking me this?”, “What authority do you have to ask me this?”, and “Why would I answer you?” Be polite and assert your rights - this will disarm most overzealous officers.
  • Talk to friends and neighbors - this battle for hearts and minds needs to be won in living rooms across the country.
  • The next time you go to the polls - federally, provincially, and at the local level, never forget what they’ve done! Your vote is the only way that we can prevent this ever happening again.

In short: Get your voice out there - the more noise you make the better the chances that efforts like those made by Police On Guard can succeed. This will not be overturned by one or two people acting bravely on the behalf of others - this takes a community effort.


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