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October 9, 2021

A New Tool and a New Strategy To Win Hearts and Minds — Book Announcement

Available now on Amazon in paperbacklarge printhardcover, and e-book #CommissionsEarned

Other than the few rare individuals who saw through the hysteria from day one, we have all rescued ourselves from the clutches of fear by following a cookie crumb trail of our own questions back to sanity. Covid hysteria is built on a foundation of sand. Once someone begins to have doubts, the official narrative practically unravels under its own weight.

But the True Believers are doing everything they can to insulate themselves from anything that conflicts with the propaganda being peddled on the 6 o'clock news. Doubt and uncertainty are threatening and lead to uncomfortable questions about those in whom they've placed their trust. So, they are working hard to protect their information bubble, which provides them with an illusion of safety. We must work to plant seeds of doubt inside the bubble they are trying so hard to defend. 

But how do we reach the hearts and minds of friends, family members, and colleagues who put their fingers in their ears and run away, or turn on us with hostility when we begin asking uncomfortable questions? How do we get those who are enforcing the tyranny - our local police officers, local health officials, local politicians, and increasingly also employers in businesses and institutions - to confront the immorality of oppressing others? How do we get them all to look at the government's own official data to show them that there is no basis whatsoever for this medical tyranny?

To disarm people and get them to wrestle with conflicting information they need time and space to think, away from confrontation that puts them on the defensive and away from peers who create pressure to bow to conformity. In 1841, Charles Mackay wrote a ground-breaking book that documented a large number of historical examples of mass hysteria called "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds", which included the observation that “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.” 

Minds rarely change during face-to-face confrontation or when surrounded by likeminded peers. People change their minds slowly, and when it happens it usually happens in the privacy and solitude of their living rooms or in the middle of the night when the mind has time to process the impressions gathered throughout the day and when the subconscious mind can allow seeds of doubt to float up into consciousness. 

A Strategy for Winning Hearts and Minds

An email attachment or pamphlet is easily ignored or pitched in the trash. But a book given as a gift is not so easily ignored. A physical book is a thing of value. And when it is received from someone we know personally, it comes with a certain expectation of reading it. Even if someone doesn't want to read it, there is a certain level of guilt that has to be overcome, which prevents them from simply brushing it aside. More often than not they will (at a minimum) leaf through the pages and stop to glance at the charts and images to relieve themselves of some of their guilt in case they are ever asked about it later. And they will allow it to sit on their kitchen table for a few days while they decide what to do with it. As long as it is there, it will chip away at the walls of their sacred information bubble.

The Marketing Rule of 7 states that a customer needs to "hear" an advertiser's message at least seven times before they will take action and buy a product or service. The same is true for ideas. We become wedded to the thoughts in our heads and do not give them up easily. It takes time and repeat exposure for new ideas to seep through the walls of resistance. That's why they play the same commercial over and over again. Repeat exposure breeds familiarity. Familiarity builds trust.

A book with a colorful cover, given to us by someone we know personally and sitting on the edge of the kitchen table, will keep catching our eye. The conflict between the resistance to the ideas within its pages and the guilt of ignoring a gift creates a push-pull dynamic that keeps the book on the forefront of our minds in a way that a pamphlet, email attachment, or internet link does not. And each time it catches our eye or pops into our consciousness, it becomes a more familiar thing. The Marketing Rule of 7 begins to have an effect. 

Being alone with a book in the privacy of the home and away from the pressure of the censorious mob allows people to give their curiosity a much longer leash, perhaps long enough to give themselves permission to have a little peek, whether to satisfy a suppressed seed of doubt or simply to gawk in private at what they condemn in public. The privacy of a living room is not like the transparent and judgemental world we face outside our doors or in the virtue-signalling hellscape of social media. Eyes stray further from the straight and narrow when no-one else is looking.

And while they wrestle with their conscience, the book will have time to catch the attention of others cruising through the house - more often than not it will be one of the children that innocently picks up a taboo book to look at what's inside and begin to ask questions. Tell them "No" and they will only redouble their efforts to sneak a forbidden peek. Nothing stimulates curiosity quite like censorship. Many of history's most influential books owe their success in no small part to the efforts of censors trying to suppress them.

Or perhaps, if it sits there long enough, it will catch the eye of a friend or neighbor who comes by for a visit. As long as it is sitting inside their home, it might spark a long-overdue conversation with someone who challenges their info bubble. When doubts are shared, they multiply twice as fast.

A Tool to Hold Our Employers and the Enforcers of Tyranny to Account

The other half of the unsolved equation in this psychological war is how to get employers to confront the medical tyranny that they are helping to enforce. I have written in the past (here, here, and here) about building a wall of legal threats against employers, which will hang over their heads to make them ask themselves how long the government can keep that threat off their backs as they violate the inalienable individual rights of their employees and add their own fingerprints to this medical tyranny. 

"Just doing my job" is not a legal defense. And "I didn't know" doesn't hold water if someone is given all the information to know better. Forcing employers to acknowledge receipt of a package of information that provides context to the government's own official numbers and exposes the propaganda techniques that are being used to justify medical tyranny makes it very hard to claim afterwards that they didn't know. It's one thing to lose oneself in the emotions of a baying mob. It's quite another to have to sign off on propaganda and make oneself legally accountable for its consequences.

Autopsy of a Pandemic: The Lies, the Gamble, and the Covid-Zero Con

Over the past months I have been working on creating a book to help you in your efforts to reach out to friends, family members, and colleagues who are caught up in the spell of fear, and to create a package of data to add weight to the legal threat against employers who are enforcing vaccine mandates. My book is now available on Amazon in paperbacklarge printhardcover, and e-book (coming soon). It's called Autopsy of a Pandemic: The Lies, the Gamble, and the Covid-Zero Con

In it I have bundled together my three most important data deep dives: The Lies Exposed by the Numbers, Washington's Inoculation Gamble, and The Snake-Oil Salesmen and the Covid-Zero Con. Long-time subscribers will recognize these three essays. And I have added a new introductory essay telling my own journey in the early months of the pandemic from initially being deeply worried about the virus to recognizing that we were falling victim to a tsunami of fear that was being purposely cultivated by our public health authorities. I hope that sharing my own journey to fear and back again will serve as an introductory bridge to draw readers into the data deep dives that follow.

For anyone caught up in the panic, I hope my book clears a path through the fog of chaos to help them break free from fear. For anyone who has broken free from the spell, my book provides a record to gain perspective over what has been done to us. And for future generations, I hope this book serves as a warning to prevent this from ever happening again. 

Available now on Amazon in paperbacklarge print, hardcover, and e-book #CommissionsEarned

Best regards,




  1. Congratulations Julius in producing this must needed book. Do you intend to make it available through any other venue than Amazon ? Amazon has demonstrated a willingness to join the Thought Police in recent times - cutting off Parler from their web services and initially censoring Abigail Shrier's book on the young female trangender epidemic. I am reluctant to give Amazon any more business - a drop in the bucket I know - but would gladly buy your book from a more neutral source. Keep up the invaluable work you are doing.

    1. Much appreciated! It will eventually be available to order through Chapters Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc. It normally takes up to 8 weeks for books to become available through regular booksellers from the date of publishing, which is one of the reasons why Amazon was a good fit to get this out as quickly as possible (traditional booksellers move at the pace of molasses).

      Independently published books go into expanded distribution through IngramSpark, which distributes to traditional booksellers - here's the full list of IngramSpark's distribution partners (

      Rather ironically, many smaller independent bookstores refuse to stock/sell books published by independent authors for a variety of reasons (no matter which independent publishing service the author uses), preferring to deal only with established publishing houses and with the traditional publishing/printing business model. This thread on Quora explains a lot of it:

    2. Is there a way to use GAB.COM instead of amazon to distribute the book?

    3. the logistics would probably be quite complicated because it is distributed via print-on-demand. I'll look into it though - it would be a great way to expand the availability!

    4. Good afternoon/morning Julius

      My intro to your blog begins today; thank you for accepting me into your fold.

      Have not long ago read your post above, after reading the 'Snake-oil Salesman', both make fascinating reading for which I intend to buy several copies to help some friends get to understand how duped they've become by the the propagated by all governments here in Oz, once it gets out the A's hands, that is. I'm with Unknown on why I won't deal A, btw.

  2. Brilliant! We need more of your type Julius! And a concerted pushback!

  3. I saw your email with the book and immediately bought the large print!! I can't wait to get it. I love your writing.

  4. Yes, I will also wait until the book is available from another seller! Let us know.

    1. It takes up to 8 weeks to become available through other booksellers (traditional booksellers move at the pace of molasses). Independently published books go into expanded distribution through IngramSpark; here's the full list of IngramSpark's distribution partners (

  5. Yes, but there are other things involved. Most minds are not focused. Scatter brains surfing the waves of different winds that blow over. The new internet of personal freedom and privacy forces us to think for ourselves and ruminate before giving expression.. Once we start REWARDING that - thats when things will change dramatically.. and it is happening!

  6. We were thrilled to get your book in the mail less than an hour ago. Amazon is morally flawed, but it does deliver fast. Hopefully Amazon will get the message that there are enough people who are not happy with it being used to stifle freedom. Buying books such as this one from Amazon is an effective way to give that message. Private businesses can and should be instruments of liberty--but customers must support and demand liberty. It is wonderful to see your book in print. The concreteness of the book as an object on the table indeed provides an embodiment of hope--it is an object of beauty.

    1. Thank you Gefen! You are officially the very first person to receive your copy! I just received mine today.

  7. As the side effects and evidence of ineffectiveness mount then opinions will change, hopefully.

    Humans have accepted brainwashing for eons!

    1. Agreed! Sadly, the collateral damage being caused by the regime is the most powerful force of all for changing hearts and minds.

      "History doesn't repeat itself, but it sure rhymes." - Mark Twain

  8. Thank you, Julius. I ordered six copies of the large print edition to my senior citizen friends. I will post a review on your blog and on Amazon.

    1. Thank you NJP! I really appreciate your support! Fingers crossed that it changes many hearts and minds!!!

  9. Ditto, I'm not buying from Amazon. Get it on Booktopia or another site and I'll buy multiples.

    1. Independently published books go into expanded distribution through IngramSpark, which distributes to traditional booksellers - here's the full list of IngramSpark's distribution partners ( Booktopia is on the list.

      It normally takes up to 8 weeks for books to become available to order through regular booksellers from the date of publishing, which is one of the reasons why Amazon was a good fit to get this out as quickly as possible (traditional booksellers move at the pace of molasses). And some bookstores won't sell independently published books, preferring to deal only with established publishing houses and with the traditional publishing/printing business model.

  10. I hate using Amazon, Julius. Hopefully you'll add a different seller asap 👍

    1. It takes a little while for books to go through the expanded distribution channels to reach traditional booksellers (up to 8 weeks), but it will eventually be available through places like Chapters Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Booktopia, etc. The full list is here on IngramSparks website:

  11. I am just now going to purchase it, but also do, not a fan of Amazon..oh well...your worth it Julius!!

  12. Thank you for writing this book, Julius! I will be great to have all the information in one place - as soon as I read the email about it I ordered myself a copy and I can't wait to start reading! All the best!

  13. Thank you Julius! I've got 2 copies so far and like the others, will wait until I can get more from sources other than Amazon. Thoroughly enjoy your work here and with Kate Wand as well as your appearances with Trish Wood. I'd be losing my mind if it weren't for logical and thoughtful information you are sharing (and you write beautifully as well!).

  14. Wow, there a real hate on Amazon in this thread. And I thought it was only me. For my sins I make some money from Amazon but rarely if ever buy anything from that platform. Made an exception for this book. By the way, I used to sell a paperback book online via a small company that printed and shipped on demand. I'm still selling CDs on a burn and ship on demand. Just saying.

  15. The word "pandemic" is misnomer because there is or was no pandemic; a mere use of the word legitimize the falsity. A more appropriate word would be hoaxdemic, fraudemic, or plandemic.

  16. While we all can agree that modern governments are deceptive and conceal important information from its citizens, I have a difficult time swallowing the claims that MSM is sensationalizing COVID or that the Pandemic is some kind of plot to exercise more control or an effort to increase Big Pharma profits.

    To use the cliche -- where's the beef? What evidence is there. All anyone can supply is speculation and justification for their suspicions.

    It irks me that everyone who claims it is a plot or exaggeration fails to consider the people who are actually dying because of COVID.

    1. Fallacies--missing the point and appealing to pity.

    2. 1. Every main narrative points about the virus & all ‘measures’ are LIES. All known not to be effective & all entirely at odds with previous, well accepted pandemic preparedness plans. This ditching of plans & adopting the “Eight Covid lies” as detailed in many interviews occurred within days almost everywhere. It’s the clearest, irrefutable evidence for a conspiracy.
      2. There have been rehearsals for decades, first in general & more recently highly specific. From Dark Winter to Event 201. Watch here:
      3. The extensive use of “PsyOps” is acknowledged even in public minutes of UK’s SAGE subcommittee SPI-B (behaviours). SAGE was loaded with modellers & psychologists. No immunologists. Not one.
      4. The “vaccines” were designed to be toxic & developed recklessly. See
      5. The aggressive & authoritarian attitudes as vaccines clearly fail yet are coerced & linked to digital ID (‘vaccine passports’) is stark. They are being used to control access to food. Boosters are obligatory. This leads to totalitarian tyranny at least & provides a ready means for mass depopulation if that’s the aim,

      This was completely clear to me by around August 2020. I was appalled in April 2020. Nothing has happened that’s not on the path to tyranny since last summer.

      PLEASE - awaken, while there’s time. The window on Free Humanity is closing. Weeks to a small number of months & it’s gone forever.

      Do you have children?
      What will you tell them?

      Mind know I was willing to risk anything for them.

      Dr Mike Yeadon
      (Not a conspiracy theorist but a retired, former senior R&D leader in Pharma & biotech. The only former ‘big pharma’ exec speaking out).

  17. There is no speculation....the whole thing from the outset was suspect.
    The MSM lapped it up...sensationalized it...pumped up the fear....yet this wasn`t just one was virtually every country on earth...countries that are almost dropping bombs on each. They were, and still are operating in a kind of "lockstep".
    I worked in research and development for over a soon as I saw that the UK government was recording all deaths within 28 days of a positive covid test as covid.....fell off a roof and died from head injuries? covid....wiped out in a car wreck? covid....the list goes on .

    You mention people dying of covid...but dying OF covid and dying within 28 days of a positive test are two completely different things.
    Where DID flu go last year? it just disappeared, gone.
    You use an interesting choice of words "people dying because of covid"...yes ..people are dying because so many other diseases are being ignored...because of many people, whether the media say it or not, are dying because of side effects of the jabs...yes, some of these deaths are a few months after the jab...but healthy people do not "suddenly die" like they are at the moment.
    And this is backed up by UK government figures showing an increase in deaths this year compare to last.

    Believe me, us "anti vaxxers" get nothing from challenging what we are told, nothing for trying to help people make INFORMED decisions...if anything we have lost plenty....friends, reputations, family, jobs etc.
    Whereas the big pharmaceutical companies and their shareholders (often with links to the MSM or governments) have made mega profits.
    Surely you can see that when the AZ jab was halted in Europe because of the blood clotting risks, that something wasn`t right? But the pharmaceutical companies have done okay haven`t they? they can now sell anti blood clotting medication.


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