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June 13, 2021

Julius Ruechel Interviewed by Vaccine Choice Canada: Exposing the Pandemic Lies & the Roots of CV-19 Hysteria

I was recently interviewed by Vaccine Choice Canada to discuss the deception during the Covid-19 pandemic and the broader changes happening in society that created fertile ground for the current hysteria to take root. We covered a broad range of topics including: 

  • the gradual philosophical shift in the Western world from a society built around respect for individual rights to a society focused on optimizing the "greater good" for the majority at any cost,
  • why we have lost the culture of restraint that used to put limits on our authoritarian natural impulses,
  • why transparency, evidence, and debate no longer serve as checks and balances in both science and democracy,
  • and the cultural battle that needs to be won to get society to re-embrace the values, principles, and responsibilities that underpin a free society.
You can watch the full interview on Bitchute and on Rumble, or in the embedded window below:

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  1. The Coviet Union is built on a culture of safetyism, censorship, paternalistic Wokism, performative greenism, etc., etc. the pandemic crisis is already segueing into the alleged climate crisis... which reminds me of Julian Simon's words against the Malthusian scarcity mindset,

    "Many seem to fear that anarchy is the inevitable result of lack of centralized control. Hayek argued that this belief in the need for control is related to a lack of understanding of how a large group of people, acting without any prearrangement, can develop an orderly structure of production and exchange based on individual desires and perceptions of others' desires and intentions." ---from his book 'Hoodwinking the Nation'

    yes, as you also say, in the final analysis it is all about consciousness. so long as the collective mind is under the spell of scarcity and anxiety... our heart's going to be swimming upstream against the pull of a mainstream that is tumbling toward a waterfall.

  2. Dentist and 2 general practitioners recently visited are pushing covid vaccination on me, senior woman, late 60s who has severe allergies to most antibiotics. Being responsible to the "common good" is the main message delivered ~ one doctor implying that non-vaxxed may not receive prompt? or good? medical care in the future so to consider choices carefully. This makes me shudder. As well, drug shortages seem to be on the rise or just perhaps with the unvaxxed? Is this another form of control?

    1. oviedo convention:
      Article 2 – Primacy of the human being
      The interests and welfare of the human being shall prevail over the sole interest of society or

      what they are doing by pushing the vaccines amounts to war crime

  3. If it were not for the germ theory of illness, none of this would be happening. Acceptance of this backward theory is the foundation of this calamity. 99% of the population is terrified of getting sick, apparently, and believe that mere contact with an invisible entity is the cause. They therefore welcome all and any government intervention to protect them. That's it.

  4. Thanks Julius for your thoughtful and passionate work. We really need more critical thinkers like you to inspire people to reason. I’d like to recommend Jon Rappoport, one of the best independent journalists who are capable of seeing things clearly, to you. Like him, I don’t believe “virus” exists. Love. : ) Liz

    1. Very good advice Liz. Rappaport has been a shining light for many for the last two years since I 'disckvered' his work.


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